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Green & Sustainable Chemistry High School Teachers Workshop

The Center for Sustainable Polymers in partnership with the Minnesota Corn Growers Association (MCGA) provides a FREE three-day workshop (July 17–19, 2018) at the University of Minnesota for high school chemistry teachers on green and sustainable chemistry. The workshop is hosted by CSP Investigator Professor Jane Wissinger (UMN Chemistry), Cassandra Knutson (MRSEC-RET, White Bear Lake High School), and Cassidy Javner (MRSEC-RET, Shakopee High School). Applicants from across the state of Minnesota are welcome.  Travel grants are available only for state of Minnesota teachers.

Participating teachers receive instruction on the principles of green chemistry, industrial applications, and potential impacts to human health and the environment. Shared lesson plans illustrate how green and sustainable practices apply to secondary chemistry classrooms with education standards in mind. Participants gain hands-on experience with safer, cost-effective labs that minimize waste and are drop-in replacements for traditional secondary chemistry labs. Topics such as bioplastics, polymeric medical sutures and use of biomimicry are explored demonstrating relevance to societal needs. Participants will partner with the workshop instructors and one another to develop or modify experiments for use in their classroom. Upon returning to their respective high schools during the academic year, participants are committed to implement at least two green chemistry experiments that they explored or developed at the workshop in their classrooms.

Participating teachers receive a $300.00 stipend and the option to earn 2 graduate level credits from the Colorado School of Mines (CSM). Participants also receive resources for lab implementation in their classrooms. Accommodations and parking at the University of Minnesota are provided for traveling participants. Lunch is provided each day to all participants.

Students in high school lab
High school students in lab

Students at White Bear Lake High School with instructor and workshop co-developer Cassandra Knutson

How to apply

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