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The October 19 lecture is cancelled.

Covestro Lectureship in Sustainability

With generous sponsorship from Covestro, the CSP hosts the annual Covestro Lectureship in Sustainability. Leaders working on issues in sustainability deliver a lecture designed for a general audience. Community members from all backgrounds are encouraged to attend.

Plastics Waste and the Circular Economy –
5 Signs of Change

The October 19 lecture is cancelled.

Consumers are calling on companies to help stop plastic waste.  The public understands that if we don’t address the global plastics crisis, by 2050 there will be more plastics in the ocean than fish.  On one side, plastics play a critical role in our lives and in reducing GHG output, but the way we use and dispose of them matters. From policy to corporate accountability, data-driven packaging design tools to global pledges, Recycling Partnership CEO Keefe Harrison will highlight five signs that the Circular Economy is driving a shift in the way companies and the public use plastics.

Keefe Harrison is a founder and CEO of The Recycling Partnership, a national nonprofit dedicated to protecting the planet by fixing recycling and activating a circular economy in the U.S. An international speaker, media pundit, and environmental author, Keefe is 22-year veteran of the space, dedicated to engaging companies in making measurable, lasting change in communities. Under her leadership, The Partnership has grown significantly since its founding in 2014, engaging more than 70 funding partners to leverage more than $150 million, and reaching more than half of American households. Before recycling, Keefe worked on a logging crew in North Carolina, researched sea turtles in Costa Rica, and studied reindeer husbandry in Finland.

This event has been cancelled
portrait of Keefe Harrison

Keefe Harrison, CEO
The Recycling Partnership




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