Researcher Communication Tools

Welcome to the CSP researcher communication tools hub.

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Image Tools

Free Image Stock Databases

Sites for free stock images that you can use anywhere.

  • ACS approved for covers and TOCs
  • Great for research and presentations

Pexels License

Freeimages License

Image Editing Self-Service

Single Images

Intuitive self-service editor

  • Free for single images

Batch Processing

If you’d like to process many photos at once all to a certain width or size – try out this free online bulk photo editor.

  • For presentations – 1080px is a great width for hd quality
  • Pro tip – you can always size down in quality, but blowing up a photo will reduce quality

Help/ Customizing Images

Journal Covers/TOC Graphics

Get help creating images for journal covers, TOCs, schemes, or other requests


Resize/Edit an Image

  • Size to specific dimensions
  • File(s) are too large
  • Questions about an image


Video and Other Creative Tools

Insert Video to PPT

Basic Video Editing for PC and Mac

Desktop Video/ Screen Capture

Check to see if your institution has free self-service video capture tools for making presentations or tutorials.

Cornell / Berkeley / Northwestern / U Chicago / UMN / USD /  WashU 


Crash Course: ChemDraw to 3D


Free Photo Editing and Vector Software

Learn advanced photo editing or create 2D high quality artwork with these free alternatives to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Here is a 10 minute explanation for how you can use Inkscape and GIMP.

Vector Graphics
Inkscape (Illustrator alternative)

Photo Editor
GIMP (Photoshop alternative)

U of MN Campus Resources

UMN Video Labs

The University of Minnesota has self-service video labs for anyone with a university ID. Video labs, aka One Button Studios, come furnished and ready to use. No equipment or fees. Learn more or schedule a time here.

UMN 3D printing

Makerspaces offer a variety of great tools for making stand out art. Notable among their tools and equipment are the free 3D printers anyone with a university ID has access to. They also offer on site help and a number of introductory courses to their equipment for beginners. And the best part – PLA filament is free. Learn more here.

Stock Photo, Video, and Sound Resources

Connect with a VPN or on campus to access these free UMN resources:

Royalty-free photos, vectors, illustration

Video, Adobe After Effects, motion backgrounds

Royalty-free production music, sound effects