Energy and U Show: Starting with the simple idea of getting elementary through high school students excited about science and engineering and sustainability concepts, the Energy and U Show has developed into a semi-annual event bringing almost 10,000 students to the University of Minnesota campus every year. Members of the development team include CSP's Marc Hillmyer, Theresa Reineke, and Frank Bates, with activities also sponsored by CSP.

Eco-Experience: Come visit the CSP at the Minnesota State Fair! CSP researchers have taken residence in the Eco-Experience Building at the Minnesota State Fair in order to interact with and educate the general public on the importance of advancing the University's research in sustainable polymers. Nearly 300,000 people visit the Eco-Experience building each year!

Summer Research Program: The CSP hosts undergraduates for full-time summer research experiences at the University of Minnesota, University of California, Berkeley, or Cornell University.

Make it and Break it: Bioplastics from Plant Starch: In this lab experiment students prepare various bioplastics from common plant starches and explore the effects of natural additives on the plastics' mechanical properties. A tensile test method is used to quantify the strength of the bioplastics. Download the Starch to Plastics Lab Teachers Notes and find the materials to conduct the experiment at the Science House! To learn more about this project, contact CSP senior investigator Jane Wissinger (