The following are videos and presentations of members of the Center for Sustainable Polymers.

CSP Graduate Student Pooja Jambunathan (Minnesota- Zhang) presents "Beyond the Classroom: Biofermentation 101"



NPR Planet Money interviewed Director Marc Hillmyer on their show titled, "How Oil Got into Everything." Listen for Hillmyer at 17:30. 

How Oil Got Into Everything


KSTP news covers Hillmyer group research on compostable plastics.



CSP Director Marc Hillmyer and lab featured on Bloomberg homepage.



CSP Senior Investigator Dr. William Dichtel featured on This Week in Science (episode 549).



CSP research on recyclable foams was featured on Minnesota's KARE11 news.

recyclable foams

CSP Director Marc Hillmyer and his research group are featured in the University of Minnesota's College of Science and Engineering video, Curiosity Drives Progress: Research.

Curiosity Drives Progress


CSP chemists working towards sustainable plastics – Science Nation Video

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 12.05.23 PM


CSP Director Marc Hillmyer and graduate student Maria Miranda are featured prominently in the University of Minnesota's Department of Chemistry's new video, Solving Society's Most Important Problems.

UMN Chem Video


Video of Marc Hillmyer's presentation "Converting Biomass into Advanced Materials"

Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 2.30.58 PM


Big Question: Can we make plastics sustainable?

Big Question: Can we make plastics sustainable?


Marc Hillmyer and colleagues have launched a curriculum exploring sustainability in chemistry labs, and strives to be a national leader in training the next generation of chemists and chemical engineers.

Benign by Design


Senator Al Franken highlights the work of the Center for Sustainable Polymers in his welcome remarks to the 2012 Green Chemistry Conference.

Franken Gives Opening Remarks at 2012 Green Chemistry Conference


The University of Minnesota Center for Sustainable Polymers aims to find ways to reduce waste by recycling unlikely materials to make our most commonly used products. By using corn, they can create plastics that are not only more easily recycled, but they are better for the environment.

Academic Moment: Sustainable Polymers


Professor Tolman is featured in a video by Minnesota 2020 highlighting the green chemistry research happening in Minnesota.

MN2020: Green Chemistry in MN